How can I turn a great friendship into a great relationship?

I'm now dating this great girl and we are great friends, she's probably my best friend. Its hard for me to look at her as a girl but I really want to make this work. What should I do?


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  • They say the best relationships happen between people who are best friends, so you've got a great start already. I went from being best friends to romantically involved with my current boyfriend and to be honest, not much has changed except now we cuddle and make out and have really just added a layer of intimacy to our partnership. If you have other female friends, keep your contact with them to a minimum and make sure that you spend enough one-on-one time with her now rather than hanging out with her in a group of friends (if that's something you did). Take her out on dates every once in a while to show you care and just up the relationship game in areas that are more intimate.


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  • That's a very good question.