I am not sure if this was wrong, indicative of anything bad, or just something that happens? ( Him & or me)

Ok. I like him he likes me.

I do not want a relationship with him right now.

I REALLY like him- as a complete person,not just a fling, & I am not good with relationships right now...Things are just too crowded too much on my plate & I do not want to loose his friendship.

>>>Soooo we have been hanging every day for a couple of months.

Mutual activities like building book shelves, going to the library, sitting & talking, helping each other with work,sometimes a movie, but I do not like to watch movies much,- he has to convince me.

So one fine day I could not find my wallet - it ended up being in the bottom of my hamper- anyways I did not know that at the time.

I VERRRY grudgingly asked if I could borrow some money for the bus & he agreed he offered a bunch of money until I made tips from work.

I was like: "No just 4 the bus"

He said: "Are you sure you do not want any more?"

(I know all that was innocent enough, but he just had this energy & things had already been getting a little tense-this was more than usual - I don't know what happened I just turned around & said:

" No,but I do want you to kiss me"

(I spoke before I meant to, & I started backing away as soon as I realized what I said)

He sort of smiled & looked at me like he was really surprised- but also like expected it (actually, I assumed he knew I liked him- but initially, he looked truly truly surprised)

So I backed up to the door. He started walking towards me,& I could not go back any further. He just got real close, looked at me for a while, then kissed me from 1-10 it was like a 15 - as far as what I had in mind/expected anyways..

I was so shocked but quickly forgot - kissing is sort of amazing like that, you can just fall into them- transform energy wise-

I don't know^

So suddenly, he stopped. Looked at me carefully. Said:

"He was not sure if we should"

(I assumed kiss)

I shrugged my shoulders & smiled :

" I think we're doing ok so far- but did he mean he did not want to kiss me", He said:

"That was no problem, he just wasn't sure what I wanted, so I kissed him & we went back to it "

Then things got really passionate/ intense, I felt like so close I was not sure where my hands were any part of me was.

I knew one hand was way up north-near his neck I guess lol.

Then he slowly, moved it down to over his crotch - on top of cloths.

It took me a bit to realize where it was being placed.

-Then I realized - oh dork! He MIGHT possibly have been referring to SEX - duh!.. (I have never had sex so I was a bit slow)

I very carefully moved my hand away, &said that I was going to be late, since I had to take the bus- which is way longer than driving.

He sort of jumped back, looked sort of bewildered, then confused...then slowly, he looked guilty.

1. So am I swrong for kissing him, since I know I do not want Relationship or FBW?

2. Is HE wrong for putting my hand there, since I just asked for a KISS?


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  • There's nothing wrong with kissing him.


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