Is this a bad sign/ cause for concern? Or am I over- reacting?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 months now. We click and have a connection in every way possible and he always calls me baby, gives me hearts, kisses, etc in texts. We met online and w both closed our profiles and we made our relationship official on facebook.

He always texts when he says he will but 3 times this week he didn't text me first when he said he would, but h replied within 5 mins when I texted him... am I over-reacting? Or is this cause for concern?

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  • Over reacting, don't worry this type of paranoia in online relationships is pretty common. There are thousands of things that could have kept him from texting u first or replied in 5 mins. DON'T WORRY, your relationship is fine. But if it does get worse than do be cautious but for now it is okay :).


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  • Wait a few mons to be sure. Even if they don't agree.

  • You sound alittle crazy. 10/10 would break up

    • Crazy in what sense? I've had bad experience in the past that's why...

  • He didn't text u first 3 times? :o And also replied back within 5 mins? :o :o He's cheating on you!!!

    • Our relationship is out in the open and we both have our photos up

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    • He is very disiplined and he has our photo on his msging app on whatsapp and on facebook and it's public...

    • So? The girl he's hooking up with may not care. They can be f*ck buddies.

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