Met a guy on tinder, he's nice, but I don't know what should I do next?

First of all I just broke up with my ex about a month ago (long distance is the reason). Being heart broken, I'd think of him at night and to prevent that from happening, I went through my tinder. Anyway, fast forward, I met a great guy and we decided to meet just 2 days ago. We planned on having casual dinner and went to the ice rink to have some fun after. To our surprise though, the ice rink closed down and we ended up in a bar, with him teaching me how to play darts. We talked a lot and laughed a lot, and he's just a really nice and fun guy; and for once, I stopped thinking about my ex. I knew for instance that I quite like him, enough to get me to second date; and that's what I'm afraid of. He did ask for a second date, but I put him on hold, I told him I need to check my schedule first since I'm so busy with my college projects.

Truth is, I'm afraid if what I feel for him is something that I miss from my old relationship. I'm scared that he'll just be my rebound, and that's not what I want to do to him. What do you guys think? Have you ever experienced the same thing? I really don't know how to handle this.


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  • Honestly just go with the flow. Dont think about rebound and stuff like that. Try not to complicate things more than they have to be. Also let him know what's going g on in your head as well.

  • you go on dates with people to get to know them , if you like this guy that would seem like the next step , can communicate forever online and through texts and go nowhere


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