This younger girl likes me but I don't really want to date her?

but I still find her really attractive , she's got a nice personality and cute look to her and a pretty descent body for her age and getting better looking as she gets older. but at this time it just be really weird to date her , I meet her at a store I shop at , had been trying to get the attention of another girl I liked there and somehow she appeared and took an interest in me when I was there a few times.
the age diff doesn't really bother me in the sense it just seems like it be a weird match up the 2 of us and I feel like she could easily find a guy her own age so why does she even need me? but I'm torn cause she is really attractive and good looking
any thoughs? every time I go there its obvious she likes me? but I haven't talked to her much


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  • whats her age and whats your age?

    • I'm not sure of her age but I'm thinking either 16 or 17 , I'm 32 but I look younger , I'm not sure she realises I'm that much older than her

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    • we haven't done anything outside the store , only seen her once downtown she was with a girlfriend and they were busy. lots of people shop there , is older people than me. it be weird to discuss me age with her when we aren't even talking outside of her work and I don't know if that be a deal breaker for her anyways if she finds me attractive

    • you should still tell her about your age man

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