She's really cute and I really want her to be my girlfriend?

My friends invited me to go to their church with them and I recently started going.

I volunteered to learn and help with the sound and lights and it was there that I met her. She is clever, sporty and is a devout Christian girl (this I was able to glean from the short time I spoke to her that night)
I found her on Facebook and sent a message saying hey and asking for her number, which she readily gave.

Now that I have it, how do I go about getting to know her and letting her know what my intentions are?


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  • Talk to her?

  • being that she is Christian , she's going to want a fairly serious relationship? are you willing to commit to that? these girls aren't just going to fool around and date anyone

    • That's good because I want a serious relationship... I am not in it for the short term