Is he interested?

I met this guy online.
We text like every other day and when we text, either us don't really keep the conversation going.

last weekend he asked me what I'm up to for the night, then the next day he asked me if Im going out on a date tonight, I felt he was more of checking to see if I'm on a date with other guys. -he couldn't ask me out bc he was away for the vacation.

He would send me some vacation pictures and I sent him my pretty selfies and silly selfies lol he loved them. This one time he randomly texted me out of nowhere asking if I have Instagram (I said I don't and he didn't reply on that)

he's back, but now I had to leave town for business trip. He asked me if I wanted to see him before I leave, but I had tons work to do I couldn't. I told him its better to do next week and he said cool.

after that conversation he stopped texting me for 2-3 days so today I texted him this morning with my selfie lol just to say good morning. He replied right away say gm with a picture of the view outside from his office. And he commented something about the weather. I was in a rush so I texted him back enjoy your day with smiley face, and he texted back saying tnks u 2 with emoji blowing heart kiss.

I mean guys I met before they always initiated text first, texted every day, and made it clear they are interested before the first date. Maybe I'm used to that, I'm just little confused with this guy.. He barely texts me.. texting is initiated by 50 him/50 me. seems like he is interested the way he's responding but I'm just still confused and scared.
If a guy doesn't initiate text/or doesn't text every day he's just not that into you?

What do you think?


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What Guys Said 2

  • i wouldn't be interested in a girl that doesn't make time for me.

  • He probably thinks you lied to him about not having Instagram tbh.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, this definitely isn't true. He's probably just busy. I've been talking to guy for about 7 months now and we talk about once every three to four days. We're both just super busy people and I know I don't start conversation unless I have time to actually chat. It's a damned if you do damned if you don't kind of deal for guys. Text too much, you're needy. Text to little, you're uninterested.