Should I go through with it?

So I have been dating a guy online for a year now. I am technically 16. So the guy wants me to come see him on my 16th birthday and he said he will pay for everything. I really want to get away from home for awhile and I guess that is the best way. I have never video chatted him and we argue sometimes but that is what happens with a long distance relationship. Should I go through with it? I am going insane here looking after my 3 bad nephews and my 3 bad nieces.


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  • Yes if you love them. Ask to video chat first and if they don't want to then reconsider it and respond with something like "if we meet up we will see each other's faces anyway". And if you do go meet this person take a parent or a friend to be around not to be with you but just in case. Also don't hide it from your parents, #1 worst thing to do when meeting someone you've never seen

    • Well I did plan on hiding it from my mom since her and I aren't on good terms. He keeps saying he needs to use his sisters phone since his dad has the parent thing on his phone. I am guessing since he put a lot of effort in it that he is who he says he is. I'm just worried but the worst thing that could happen is that I get kidnapped but a hairy old man

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    • Well if you go and meet him, at least tell your sister or someone close who will let you go. Otherwise if something happens no one will know where you are or what happened

    • That is kinda the point but thank you. 😃

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  • How can you be dating but never met?

    • Yeah but that is how it works. He never had time for anything.

  • Let me guess. You met him on here? Name start with a T?

    • Nope Facebook and his name starts with a D

    • K. Dude on here name starts with a T does this a lot to women. Many at one time.

    • Guys that use this site do it a lot.

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  • Honestly, I see a lot (A LOT) of problems here:
    -You're "technically" 16 (i. e. You're definitely still considered a minor). You've been dating for a year, so IF he's older, whatever he's been doing with you for a year now has been illegal.
    -Okay, you're going to visit him on your 16th birthday, but you never specified how old the guy is. For all we know, he's a 50 year-old man looking to take advantage of a 16 year-old girl.
    -I see red flags with the statement: "He'll pay for everything":
    He's either an extremely desperate man, and/or he's SHADY --i. e. He'll pay for "everything," like a one-way ticket and keep you "hostage".
    -You have never met each other in person, yet you argue already? That says that even with limited contact, you guys still find things to argue about. This doesn't sound healthy... at all.

    • He will be 17 in November. I'm always the reason for the arguments I overreacte a lot. Once a girl told him to hit her up on Facebook and sent him a kiss emoji and I assumed he messaged her and I flipped out. The only thing he has ever brought up that made us argue was that he thought I shouldn't leave the house looking attractive.

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