Does he like me?

We were sitting and he touched my hair and was trying to tickle and poke me in class. He then asked me a question... I looked at him and he locked eyes with me and he bit his lip sexually real hard...💀💀💀
It was sexy af. I acted like I didn't understand but man I got horneeey after class thinking about it... I swear i never thought I would like this guy ! His face is so baby faced lol. Im in highschool by the way.

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  • no
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm afraid it's impossible to say he doesn't like you.

    • The guys by him were like "bro stop it... She is curving you"

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    • No we always talk a lot and make jokes in class out loud. But damn I wasn't expecting that after one week

    • It means that guy is a real man who knows how to court a girl the right way :)

What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know if he likes you but I did that a lot in HS lol

    • Ok well he just started touching me a lot and he's always talking to me

What Girls Said 2

  • Its a no brainer 😊

    • Why r u a girl? U confused me in the notification

  • Yes, dear he likes you. 😊