boyfriend posted a new picture of himself on Facebook and I commented but he didn't like my comment but liked someone else's?

I commented on a picture of his and he didn't like my comment, but he liked another ladies comment? I feel like he's ashamed of me, we've been arguing lately and he's saying I'm smothering him. I've been laying off texting him so much but now that he's ignoring me is making me feel horrible even more. I feel like he's losing interest.


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  • What is the question? Is it : Am I reacting like a crazy lady? Cause the answer is a big resounding YES!
    The guy didn't "like" your comment. does that mean the guy has to like every single comment you ever leave on his facebook page to not make you feel insecure? Is it that bad?

    • It makes me feel like he's ashamed of me.
      Why would he like someone else's but not mine? I never post on his Facebook nor have I ever liked a picture of his before. We've been dating one month. All his past gf's he liked their pictures and left comments on theirs, he didn't for me. He likes other people's pictures but not mine. I don't know, I'm feeling highly insecure and unwanted from him.

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