Do guys want their girls to hang out together with their (guy's) friends?

My boyfriend told me tat he will be attending his very good friend's (Micheal's) birthday on Sunday. However, he did not ask me to join them initially.

Then on Saturday, my boyfriend told me that Michael told him to ask me if I would like to join them for dinner. They will be having dinner with their usual clique of friends, and I have never met anyone of them (except for Michael; met him only once, but we were not close).

The thing is, I know for sure that I will feel awkward joining them, but I find it impolite to reject Micheal's invitation too. Some questions here,

(1) Is Michael just being polite by asking me to join them? or is he actually wanting me to join?

(2) Do guys in general like their girlfriends to join them and their friends for a night out, even though their girlfriends have never hung out with their group of friends before?

(3) I also asked my boyfriend if he wants me to go, and he said he is fine, just that he is worried that I may feel awkward since its my first time meeting his friends. Does he mean what he says? Or is he trying to be polite here?


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  • I once did that before so my lady friend won't be so jealous of my hanging with my friends. Most guys do it so they see if their ladies can hang with the boys. Night needs to somewhat be perfect for a healthy relationship no pressure.

  • talk to him or them I'm not a mind reader anything is possible...


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