Will time and space bring someone back who broke up with you and said they're not happy?

-Was a healthy relationship
-Really did love each other
-talked about a future together a lot

If you've had experiences please list below

  • Yes it a lot of cases it can...
  • No often... but there is still a chance
  • Absolutely not
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  • I'm more or less in the same situation as you. At first, I thought that there was a chance, especially since we've always made up again and got over it in past experiences, but it's been about five months and I'm pretty sure we're really done this time. Yes, it sucks and can seem unfair, but it is what it is. The sooner you're over her, the better, although it's heartbreaking and just a shame it couldn't last...

    • How many times have you broken up and got together? Are you in NC?

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    • She probably only implied she was over you after what happened because she wants to be over you, although she isn't. She was in the right mood at dinner and told you how she was really feeling, which isn't what she actually wants you to think. She wants you to believe that she's over you, but inside, she's not.

    • I don't know really what to do. Kinda just giving her the space she wants and doing NC... can't believe she wouldn't respond at all to my birthday text though...

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