No response, WTF?

OK, long story short, I met this girl on a dating site, we message back and forth and we seem to have a lot in common. Well I was messaging her while I was at work (desk job), and I was going to have to go to lunch in like 20 min. So I told her I was going to lunch, and asked her if she wanted to add me to MySpace, and she said yes and to send her my page. I do and she adds me.

After this, I go to lunch, come back, don't make any more contact with her, finish my work day off, then go home and hit the sack. Well more than 24 hours later I decide to message her and ask her about her job, because I was interested to hear about it.

Right before I send the thing she gets on. Well I send it and log off, then go do other things, and come back to it in an hour. She had read it, but no response. It's been another day or so and no response.

I'm thinking if I don't hear from her by late next week to delete her from my friends and forget about it. I mean on the dating site she was replying immediately when online, now suddenly she says nothing.

This irritates me a little, should it? I mean am I just being too judgmental that she hasn't responded yet?


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  • Sounds like she saw something on your Mspace profile that she took incorrectly.

    It could be many reasons:

    - The way you appear (Weight / Style / Behavior / etc)

    - Your group of friends ("You can judge a person by their friends" ... Bullsh*t)

    - Your profile or other things surrounding your profile (Blogs / comments / etc)

    - She may have noticed that you talk to many woman, which are friends


    If that's not the case, then she should reply by tomarrow. If she doesn't, send her an IM request before you delete her (if she's online) and try to start a conversation, if she ignores you or logs off, delete her and move on with your life

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • She might not like something she found out about you on MySpace..or maybe she just lost interest or found someone else. She is not worth your time worrying so I'd try and move on to meet someone else

  • i think she's just putting it off for 24 hours like you did. I think she wants to make you wait. sometimes I do the same thing but if you you don't hear from her in awhile don't waste your time...just move on

    hope this helps


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