Why don't girls go on more first dates?

When ever i asked girls out there response is typically no or not interested and this is not limited to myself either. Why don't women at least go on the first date and see if there is any chemistry? I don't want this to sound bitter but you can't possibly be busy all the time and why spend your time at home in front of the TV when you could be out doing something. Don't you think women are missing out on potential boy friends.


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  • If you look at the posts from women on this site, you will see that most of the single women would love attention from an interesting guy. If you are asking women out but are repeatedly rejected, either you are asking the wrong women, or there is something about you that puts them off. I was like you at your age. It took me a while to figure it out and pull my head out of my ass. Then I had no trouble getting dates. by the way, when they tell you they are "busy", that just a polite way of saying they don't want to go out with you. If they were really busy but wanted to date you, they would make a counter-offer or at least suggest that you ask again.

  • I wouldn't want to date a girl who wasn't interested in me anyways

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