How to make my dad see it's alright for me to hang out with boys?

So I like this guy and he likes me and we've known each other for a 6 months now. We took each other to our Semi-Formal (I go to an all-girls school and he goes to an all-boys school) and my parents have met him. My mum likes him but because my dad is my dad he's obviously overprotective. We talk a lot through messaging and just recently we've been having late night phone calls that last for hours about random (appropriate) topics. A few times we have gone out with a group of friends, but both of my parents did not know at this point because I was scared of my dad. A few days ago, he asked me to come watch a movie with him just to hang out and I asked if it was just us or would we go in a group. And he said that he wanted just us two to go but I told him that I'm not allowed to go out with guys by myself. He was completely fine with it and said that he just wanted to hang out with me whatever the setting was. So the next day I told my mum about everything and she was fine with it as long as I wasn't by myself and we had a deep chat about boys and knowing my limits. But she mentioned that is was still up to my dad whether or not it's okay for me to hang out with this boy even if it's in a group. My mum said she would have a chat with him but it was ultimately up to me to convince him to let me hang out with him. Any advice from parents or people who have experienced it themselves?


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  • It's difficult. Dads can be very over protective and you're 15 so you've kind of got to just deal with it. You'll have plenty of chance when you're older which I know sucks right now but it's hard to convince over protective dads to let you hang one on one with boys :/

    • I don't need to hang out one on one with him, I just want to be able to hang out with in a group without my dad freaking. :)

    • Maybe have him come and pick you up afterwards? That way he can see you're ok? I don't know it's difficult

  • Have him call his parents and speak with his parents? Or maybe meet his parents?

    Parents knowing parents helps sometimes. If they know the people who raised the boy you want to be with it may ease his mind.

  • Why do moms let their daughters run around everywhere and then wonder what happened to their "beautiful baby girl" dad's are smarter. Listen to your dad, your mom is an idiot.