Would you date (befriend) Fiona Gallagher?

Would you date (befriend) Fiona Gallagher?
-Comes froma broken home
-Lives in a crime ridden neighbourhood
-Both her parents are junkies and abandoned their kids completely before she turned 13.
-She had to drop out of college and step up to be a parent to her 5 younger siblings.
-Works several minimum wage jobs before going back to get her GED.
-Got into the club business to make money before becoming manager at a diner.
-Always trying to find a way to make an honest living and get more money for her family.
-1 of her younger brothers is bipolar, the other criminal while the last one is a genius suffering from alcoholic problems.
-Her younger sister is 15 and pregnant
-She's been with several men in the past but things turned out bad
-The guy she was engaged to turned out to be a junky (who hid it from her) and she broke up with him at the wedding when it was revealed.

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