Girls, Would you file for full custody of the cold and keep their father away from them?

That happens sometI messaged. But these days the law punish parents that do it in some states

  • It's not the kids faultimate why should they suffer
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  • no kids need both parents
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  • it's basically to use kids as a pawn to harm the other parent
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  • I've explained this on here a couple of times in similar questions.
    My son's dad isn't in his life at the moment, but it's got nothing to do my ex and I's feeling towards each other, or anything that's happened between him and I it's about the way he behaves sometimes.

    He's always been a certain way, and had a certain temper. I have always known that, but because I loved him so much at the time, and because I wanted to have a family with him, I always chose to look the other way. Sometimes you think if it's not affecting you, it doesn't matter. You go out of your way to make excuses for that person.
    When our son was born, things seemed to calm down, but only for a really short time, and then when my son was seven months old my ex went to prison for GBH. He was only sentenced to a year and he's been out since the beginning of this year, but that time away from him made me think about the whole situation, and him differently.
    He chose to go and do what he did above everything else in his life, and that, among other things spoke volumes to me.
    How he is, I don't want my son around that, and I don't want him to grow up thinking how he acts is Ok, or even right.

    This whole situation has broken my heart. My son doesn't have his dad around and I know my ex is hurting. It's really crappy all round.
    We planned my son, we wanted a family, but he's shown me now what kind of parent he is.

    We've got a court hearing coming coming up and we'll see what happens, but I don't think I'm a bad person for wanting to protect my son.

    • If he physicalls abuses your son then you should protect the child but it's not your child alone. he gave you his sperm and planted his seed in you. if it weren't for his sperm your son would not be with you this day. He gave his sperm so that you may have your son. he played an equal part so let him see his son. don't be a sperm robber

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    • There's no way men and womenot can be friends

    • Yes, but an irresponsible man who has shown he isn't capable of being there in the right way, or even being there at all is a different story. How can you teach a child the difference between right and wrong if one of you doesn't even know themselves.
      Say my son's dad was in his life again, say they allowed that. I never want to be worrying about what the hell is going on, or might happen everytime he is with him. He doesn't think, he's too irresponsible.
      Making a baby does not make you a parent. That's the easy part.

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  • My mother did this and I hated her for it

  • If the father was abusive or made it clear he didn't want to be in their lives, I would. If we just weren't together I don't think that'd be necessary.

  • In most cases absolutely not. A father is just as much a father as a mother is a mother. Fathers are needed just as much to a child as a mother is. And even going a step further, I can't stand women who keep children from their fathera because of a non payment in child support. He isn't paying to see their child like some sideshow. And children sadly are used as pawns a lot and it's horrible. Parents need to overlook their own pride and do what is best for their kids.

    • People put their personal feelings in the way to hurt other people

    • Yes and sadly it hurts the them but also the people who matter the most, the kids.

    • You know it feels like some people are sperm robbers. robbing men from their sperm and rendering them powerless