Guys, if you missed your chance with a girl (haven't actually dated) would you not try again or would you reach out to her?

Say you missed your chance (whatever reason- wrong timing, old relationship in the way, you didn't know she was into you or thought she was playing you, or ANYTHING that prevented you from taking a girl out that you were interested in) would you reach out to her again after time has passed? Or would you think you missed your chance and forget about it? Also, how would you feel if she reached out to you?

  • I'd try again after some time.
    40% (4)
  • I'd think I messed up & forget about it.
    40% (4)
  • Other? (Comment!)
    20% (2)
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  • I've been in this same predicament, and I did reach out to her and I found success. The worst she could say is no.


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  • depends on kind of access I had with her and if she liked me back.