Boyfriend broke up with me, I told him everything was my fault and I will remove myself from his life and he didn't reply?

I feel devastated. I tried to end things mutually and he didn't want to. He sent a text saying we shouldn't talk for a while because he's stressed on his birthday weekend due to our arguments after bickering over the phone one what we wanted as ground rules. He was cursing at me and telling me the stuff he doesn't like and how I accused him of cheating. He's a gambler, smoker and alcoholic and I'm insecure but I felt emotionally and physically drained. Pregnancy scare at the moment as well. I pleaded with him to let us end this on a good note. But I couldn't wait and I decided to just remove myself. I told him everything was my fault ( definitely not but I care for him and I'm putting the blame on myself) and that this will be the last time he hears from me and I'm so sorry I gave him a bad experience. I told him he's still close to my heart and I wish him the best. He didn't respond. Do guys usually move on that fast? I'm so hurt because he kept saying he loved me and really liked me but now he's no where to be found. I'm thinking about moving cities because I can't stand to be here anymore. What if I am pregnant? what do I even do? Now I'm going to be a single mom? I doubt I am but just in case.


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  • It is noble of you that you wanted to end it on a good note. Regretfully, this is often not possible. If there is something which drives the relationship, it is very hard to try to fix that just so that you can break up afterwards.

    He got your message, that you took the blame and that you will remove yourself from his life. He accepted that; that is why he didn't respond. Your message was not an invitation to talk about it, but rather something you say right before you break contact.

    Whether he thinks you do or don't deserve all the blame is not relevant; he wanted to end it. I can assure you that he hasn't moved on just like that, but he is dealing with his on his own. He cannot get over you while he is still talking with you, that is why he didn't reply.


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  • He no longer cares and he's trying to move on. You should give up on him.

    • He could just say it's over then.
      Why does he say lets not talk for a while?
      That's just beating around the bush, which he says he absolutely hates.

    • That's what many men do. They avoid it you for a while, then after a period of time, they start chasing you again because they "missed " you

    • I dont think he's going to come back and chase.
      This guy isn't very smart or respectful to do something like that.