Should I Kiss Him?

I have to kiss a guy for a performance and it would be my first kiss. However, I do have a couple guy friends that I actually have feelings for and would much rather have as my first kiss. So should I kiss one of them just so the other guy isn't my first? This seems wrong to me since it's something I'd be forcing, not something that happened naturally. So, what should I do?


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  • Its just a kiss, its not a make-out session I'm guessing.

    Its all just an act for a performance, I don't see the big deal really.

    • One of them is a make out actually...

      and I kno. it dusnt seem like tht big a deal. but I guess since I've never kissd anyone, I'm makin a bigger deal about it than I shuld.

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  • just kiss the guy on stage and don't count it first kiss isn't that big of a deal. don't go kissing friends just to get it done with

    • I really don't wanna hav 2 kis him at all tho. it wuld jus b easier if he wasn't my 1st.

    • How old are you, because if your younger then bout 16 you could probably talk to your director about it

    • Yea I could. she's really cool. but I don't know there's more than 1 kiss so I'm gonna hav 2 kiss him for real at least 1 of the 2 times most likely.

  • To me it counts when it's with someone you like and both have feelings for eachother.

    • Exactly. which is y I'm havin so much trouble with this decision.

    • Well then just don't count it. You shouldn't be desperate looking for someone to get it over with. When the time is right it will come

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  • My first, and only kiss, was for a play in high school. It was really awkward the first time we rehearsed it, but it really doesn't matter. IMO, its just a kiss. Of course, for me, there wasn't anybody I liked at the time, so I didn't have that option...If you want to kiss one of your guy friends first, just go for it. But remember, the stage kiss really isn't that big of a deal. I kind of agree with gnargnar, just don't count it as a first kiss.

    • I kno. and I'm sorry you had to do tht. but shouldnt a first kiss be special and with tht one special person? culd I not count my 1st kiss as a 1st kiss?

    • You've kissed your parents and siblings before, right? Those don't count as a first kiss either. Its platonic not passionate, which is what the first kiss is all about.