What does a relationship like that mean?

A guy says he doesn't like a girl but then he starts dating her but they continue to break up over and over. Why would this happen?


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  • Bullshit... a waste of time... fuckery...2016

  • He doesn't like you , he doesn't want you and is just playing with your feelings. Break up with that dude before he jades you

    • Not me I'm the girl he said he was interested in but he never talked to me He acted shy around me and then started dating the other girl who he said he wasn't interested in

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    • What's your opinion on it though?

    • your friend needs to leave the fool

  • They aren't totally meant for each other

    • Ok so lets says there was another girl involved and before he started dating the girl he is now he said that he likes that girl but always acted shy around her and would never talk to her. But then dates the one he doesn't like.. why would he do that?

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