Do girls really go after musicians?

I'm a 16 year old guy. I've been single all my life but never really had much trouble talking to girls. I've also been playing music (namely guitar and drums) for 8 years, and I think I can confidently say I'm pretty damn good at it, I've been playing in a band for a while aswell. Now I'm starting to think it's about time I actually try and get a girlfriend, but I don't know many girls that I'm close with. When meeting new girls, should I make use of my musical abilities? Brag? Not mention them at all? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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  • Well if i were you I wouldn't just say that you play in a band out of the blue. But if she askes if you play any instruments or have any hobbys you can mention it. If she wants to know more about it, she'll ask you about it. Personally I do like musicians but thats because I'm one too so that would be a shared interest☺


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  • Haha take a trip to my profile and find the answer.

    Short answer: I've played guitar for almost 8 years, self-taught, and girls don't seem to care.

    1) I'm not super attractive

    2) I don't play acoustic much, so I can't just carry my electric and amp with me everywhere and serenade people

    3) I mostly like to play metal and the vast majority of girls don't appreciate that even though most of it is a lot harder to play than the boring-ass acoustic chords

    4) Even if I'm not playing metal, I still won't play the chord versions of pop songs, so again the girls won't appreciate it.

    Like, I've literally seen my friend play an awesome sounding acoustic song with cool riffs that aren't just chord strumming. Girls just walked by. Then he switched to playing some "I'm Yours" and of course girls would say "oh I know this song!" and stop and listen for a little.

    So yeah. Playing guitar (or drums I guess) won't get you a girl on it's own. Definitely don't try to brag on it.

    Unfortunately, saying "I play guitar" isn't much to brag about anymore. Half of fucking everyone "plays" it. And most of those people probably "just started six months ago". And apparently nobody cares if you can play all of Megadeth's Hangar 18, they just wanna hear shitty acoustic chords.

    • TO be honest I agree with you, you get to a point where chord strumming on an acoustic is just so boring, I also play a lot of metal on the electric, but then again I play all kinds of music, especially blues and rock :P

    • Yeah I play blues and rock too.

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  • Personally, that wouldn't add to how much I like someone.
    Like, cool, you play an instrument, but I care more for personality.
    Obviously, I'm not speaking for all girls, some actually are attracted to that. Just be yourself and do what feels natural. There's no harm in mentioning that you play the guitar, and there might even be the chance that you'll have something in common, such as an interest in music, when talking to that person.

    • Yeah I understand that being able to play an instrument won't automatically make you attractive, not many girls around where I live give a shit about personality.

    • Well, good luck anyway.

  • I don't date people who are always on the go. It's irritating. Musicians are included

    • Not all muscians are always on the go. I live in a semi small town with a few bars that hire bands to play every night, I spend most of my time practising, and have a lot of free time where I'm just sitting around doing nothing.

    • If one day (and I hope it happens) you'll get an actual chance to audition for something, you will be on the go.

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