This girl has me wrapped around her little finger and I hate it. I need help?

So one of my ex's got back in touch with me and now she has me obsessed with her. There are a couple of problems with this:
1. There is a reason she is my ex.
2. I know that she is involved with at least one other person.
3. When I get to thinking about it I've literally nothing in common with her.
4. I'm currently involved with the love of my life.
5. Just to add emphasis on one I know she is bad news.
So I Have no clue why or how I got in this problem but some how I have gotten obsessed with her like she gave me a tiny taste of why I dated her in the first place and now my mind is hooked on her and the logical part is screaming to stop but my nonlogical part is saying that if I give her another shot I'll be able to fix problems 1 through 5. I wish I knew what I did but this is not even a gray problem, it's black and white, she is bad news stay away. My mind is too fogged with her to let me see it that way and I don't know why

6. Because I thought about it she is a blank slate. I tried to talk to her on a more "friend" level asking her about hobbies and stuff when she replies with generic stuff like "what movies do you like?" Her response to my question would be "saw" she knows I like horror films so she goes with an iconic horror film, I ask her what she thought was the most horrific saw trap she replies with all of them. She wants to seem interesting to me but she clearly doesn't know what she is talking about


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  • Well you already gave yourself the best advice. Stay away. Cut her out of your life completely. Now how do you go about that? Realize she's just fucking with your head, probably instinctively using hot/cold mechanics to get you obsessed over her, not to mention making you jealous by being with someone else.

    Just remind yourself that it's all just one massive head fuck, and you have no business nor logical desire to be with her. It's your ego vs. your id.

    • Ego vs Id?

    • psychological terms. your id is basically your most base desires, which she has a grip on. The id controls whether or not we lust after someone.

      The ego is the more enlightened part of the brain that moderates and controls those desires. just do a google search if you want to know more. I'm sure there's a wikipedia page

    • I realised that I was just being lazy after the fact but you summed that bit up beautifully. Thank you for the enlightening.

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  • Gather the strength to tell her to stay away from you.


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