She is ignoring me. Is it over?

Been friends for 4 years. The thing is, we never were "just friends". There was always more to it. When we were with other people, it was just talk. Last year we started to work on getting together, but I screwed it up. I had to walk away.

A few months ago after a year of no contact, she reached out to me to see if I was single. I was and she told me she was as well. She asked me if I was interested in giving it another shot.

She laid down some ground rules, like we had to be monogamous while seeing each other, communicating.. etc. I have never brought up "where are we at".. or "what is this thing we are in" as she brings it up on her own.

A week ago Friday she texted me at work and I told her I wanted to take her out this weekend. She was thrilled with the idea and came up with a bunch of ideas. She said we would speak about them Monday.

Monday she texts to tell me she got a new place. On the phone that night she told me she didn't expect to get a new place so soon, so the weekend plans will likely have to be put off so she can start packing and getting ready to move. She said she looked forward to the move, how it will be a "new start" and she was thinking it will also be time for us to "move forward" with each other. She said she would let me know later in the week if she thinks she can make some time to do something.

No more texts all week. No call. It is now Sunday. She has been online. I tried to call her last night and she didn't answer.


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  • give it some space and think about it.
    she seems like she doesn't know what she wants in my perspective , if a girl wants a relationship she would of said it. like i feel she playing little games , but do you see how she comes back and then leaves you that already a automatic red flag , if she plays you flake at you , she no longer knows what she wants.

  • this sounds very strange. are you sure she's alright? have you contacted her friends and family? i dont see any signs that explain why she would just stop talking to you. why not go over to her place?

    • I agree it is strange. Part of the thing is she split with her boyfriend 7 months ago and has feared this thing has been a rebound. So I have been giving her space to deal with it and not push things. I always suspect he is back in the picture, but usually find out he has moved on through what she says. We have had moments where we don't talk for a while, but she always responds. The no response is totally new. I understand she may be busy, and likely is. But not at least texting me to tell me "no go" this weekend would have been considerate.

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