Ex bestfriend talking to a guy she knew I liked?

I used to be friends with this girl who was basically a hoe and I cut her off because she was a bad friend, inconsiderate, disrespectful and she was always criticizing me for not being wild like her and stuff. The day I cut her off i pointed out this guy I had my eyes on for awhile and the next day she all in his face basically. She didn't know him prior to that. Me and the guy started texting after dming for awhile and it seemed like things were going good. I didn't like how he was friendly towards other girls on social media but i dismissed it because he was single. I saw he tweeted about the girl and I asked him about it and he said they cool and when he asked why and I said because I saw he tweeted about her and he just said he see. I tweeted "Hoes always get the love lol" and he basically subtweeted me saying he lowkey and stay away from drama. I'm not a drama type of person but I'm just not cool with her and I know how she is and I guess he not cool with me anymore. Im so tired of getting put second to a hoe and I'm trying to brush it off. Opinions? Girls, has this happened to you?


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What Guys Said 2

  • she has an advantage on u
    she will go low blows to get back at u

  • she's your ex best friend, rules no longer apply


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  • yes it has happen , thats just girl code in my prefrence.
    i honestly think he's to immature for you if you says " he low-key and stay away from drama.
    well how long you know the guy honestly? and how long she knows him?