(Girl-) friend or girlfriend?

I met a girl 2 weeks ago and she has a boyfriend who's been in jail a year now and we chat nearly all the time.. She doesn't have enough money to provide to her self so I gave her 2 Shisha tabak as a gift (she asked me to get them for her) and one time I was eating at a restaurant she asked me while chating if I could bring her a sandwich with me which I did without taking money from her.. Toda at 12 a. m she wrote she's very hungry and then I tried to find a restaurant to get her food through delivery.. She told she doesn't want it because she doesn't have money sothat I told her that it's me who's gonna pay for that.. And I really love her to the point I try to make her laugh and comfort her all the time.. Every time I look at her I can't stop myself of smiling... she told she felt I loved her so that I lied and told her this "you are an amazing person and I really enjoy being with you. I think there's something here, but I feel that its too early in the relationship to be sure. We should keep this up and if this feeling grows into something more intense, you will be the first to know." And she asked me "why would you tell me?" So I said "only to make you know" and she told me "you know if you tell a girl that and she doesn't share this with you, she would keep a distance.. And maybe I would only chat with you without us meeting each other" and then I told her i knew that and then she said "and so am I" i think she meant she doesn't love me or sth like this..
After that she told she's tired and she had a headache and i asked her if it was because of what we talked just talked about and she told no it's been so the whole day... What do you think? Does she like me and I destroyed everything? Or does she mean what she said? What should I do now? Please tell me everything that comes to your mind


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  • Sounds like she's been using you for food.

    • Thanks for that.. But can you tell me why do you think so? I need to know.. It's 3.37 a. m here and I couldn't sleep thinking about this

    • Because she has a boyfriend yet you keep bringing her food yet she rejects you if you suggest anything more

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  • I think she views you as just a friend. I mean.. firstly, she already has a boyfriend. It doesn't matter that he's in jail for two years... either way, she's not single. Second of all, she flat out told you that if a girl didn't reciprocate the feelings you confessed to having for her, that the girl would create distance between herself and the guy. Right after which she conveniently got a headache.

    Coincidence? I think not.


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