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I've been chating with girl online for two complete weeks on a daily basis.. Does that mean she's into me but wants to know a little more? I asked her once about going together to a disco and one time to go and meet each other and have a date she accepted but told that because of her work she can't right now.. Because she works every single day even on Saturday and Sunday.. Does chating for 2 weeks long means she likes me? What can I do or ask her to know she likes me and she wants sth serious? Do you think that I should insist on getting her phone number? Because I asked her once and followed up that if she doesn't like it won't be a problem for me then she said no.. And 3 days ago I was in a night club with friends and was completely drunk to the point that i sent her a message on the app asking wether she was okay or not and that even though i'm in the club with friends I can't stop thinking of her and that i only want her... The next i sent her a how are you message which she answered and the I saw that drunk message and said that i was totally drunk and that i'm sorry and she said everything is okay.. What do you think about that? Please tell me everything I can do to know if she likes me and so.. I don't want to be completely into her and then wake up knowing she doesn't have feelings for me... Thanks in advance for your help..

by the way she lives in the same city I live in


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  • See if she wants to Skype, if not I doubt that you will end up meeting her. If someone is truly interested and lived in the same city, I feel like they would want to meet ASAP to see where it goes. I am in the same situation, though I am messaging several guys at once. There is one who I talk to every single day, I asked him for a coffee date about 2 weeks in and he said "maybe", keeps messaging me, I ask him for a Skype date, yet again "maybe". I don't think anything will come out of this and you should prepare yourself for that as well.


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  • Get her on Skype asap

    • She lives in the same city I live in

    • Skype is not common here in the community we live in

    • Anyway thank you for your help

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