How to ask a guy out and make sure he says yes?

I'm 14 and Asian. I'm 5 foot 9. And the guy I like is super cute is 5 foot 11 and caucasian and we both do the same sport since we were in grade 3. I don't think he likes me since he never responds to my texts... :(. I didn't like him at first because when I was in grade 3, I didn't really like anyone. My parents are kind of racist and want me to date an Asian, but I can't choose who I fall for... I don't go to the same school as him but I'm about to the day after tomorrow. (I'm a freshman or freshwoman) But every sports clubs that we go to, he's there. I got national champion in this type of sport and he's really good at it too. Just the boys group is harder and more competition. Sometimes he shows attraction towards me at the sports clubs because he would help me practice so close I could feel his breath. He would also sometimes look at my sport games that I play. But he would always call me noob and bad :, D oh well. So how do I ask him and make sure he says yes? My parents don't want me to date a Caucasian but I convinced them enough so they said I could. But they say Asians are better. Obviously that wouldn't change my opinion -.-


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  • To make sure he says "yes" hold a gun to his head, otherwise there's no way to force him to say yes.

    Just approach him honestly and forthrightly. "I've noticed you checking me out. I think you're kind of cute for a white guy. Do you want to take me out?"

  • That's like asking "How can I buy a lottery ticket and guarantee it's a winner?" You can't. There's always the possibility of rejection. That's life.

    • But do you know a way to make the percentage higher?

    • Be the kind of girl he wants to date. Looks, personality, etc. No way for anyone here to help you. You know the guy.

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  • You cannot make sure that he says yes, but you can try asking his friends if he likes anyone in order to see if he is interested in you or not.

    • That sounds right! :) But I don't want him to find out I like him though. His friends might tell him :,,, D