Why do I keep meeting dumbasses on okcupid?

No I don't mean they stupid over a small thing I mean they really stupid. One guy just ask me I look Indian when one I'm white, two I even said on my profile what I am and he still asks me that. I keep meeting dumbasses thinking I'm Indian. I don't know why they stupid does anyone have a reason for someone to be this stupid?


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  • I don't think it's just OKCupid.. *cough* tinder.
    If anything I feel like OKC is the best dating site. You get to read people's in depth bios.

    P. S : I met my girlfriend on OkCupid.

    • I will never use tinder.

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  • Dumb-asses are all over the internet, so that doesn't surprise me much.


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  • I don't think many guys take online dating very seriously. I mean, girls get like 50 messages a day, they know the girls are most likely not gonna read most messages, so they just try to have fun by saying dumb shit.
    Plus, most of the women online kinda suck, they tend to be very slow and can't carry a conversation, then days later they ask you why the hell you stopped talking to them xD

    • Ok but I did responded to that with "well your dumb"

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    • well he stop responding maybe he was serious?

    • Your response didn't really give him much to work with xD
      But maybe he was serious, who knows. I'm just saying that there's lots of guys that are just trolling.

  • There are a lot of stupid people, particularly on free dating sites. Just ignore them.

    • But I keep meeting the dumb Indian ones no offense but I hate Indians due to my ex Indian boyfriend and id understand why these dumbasses are going to try to talk to me but going to not fucking read anything and I do look white. Idc if they trying to piss me off on purpose since no white or black ever mistaken me as a Indian or a Asian.

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    • Assuming you are just getting messages from them, feel free to ignore them. You don't have to answer every message you receive. Sorry, spam is part of online dating for women, especially at free sites.

    • Horny guys can be pretty dumb.

  • 1st Have we met on okcupid? รท)
    Men are getting dumber as time goes by i lose my understanding and purpose of dating

    • I don't think so

    • So u dont like indian, what is your preference?
      Have u tried changing your profile pic to look non Indian?
      I've had peep on okcupid tell me that i look 3' tall when im 5-10
      I changed my picture to stop the fuckery

    • No I'm not going to change my pictures because 1. I look what I am and 2. It just these fucks who want a Indian girl even thou I put my profile my heritage so they should start fucking using the filters. I like white and Hispanic men and Asian (Japanese, korean etc).

  • are you indian?

    • I'm half white half Venezuelan and I LOOK white so there no fucking reason to call me an Indian. No other races then Indians do that.

    • that sounds hot. post a pic.

    • No thank you google it.

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