Is it okay for me to keep a little hope in this?

I really like this guy who I casually dated briefly but got too attached to, and he was not emotionally stable enough to be in a relationship. (He demonstrated this to me clearly.) He had a lot on his mind, and things to overcome before he could be ready, but he told me to wait for him because he really likes me. But now it's been over 2 months since he's last spoken to me. I know he's not dating anyone else, nor has he done so for a very long time (not since his ex over a year ago). In fact, all he ever does is go to work and come straight back home. So is it terrible if I keep any hope in this? I have other options, but I'm just not interested in them. There's no one else like him.



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  • Im going through this and its so hard. I think its time to stop focusing on the possibility and look at the reality, you are probably wasting your thoughts on this and i know i did but you gotta distract yourself. You gotta keep yourself busy and improve yourself. Get out of that headspace. I know its hard, but you have showed him that you do love him very much, he knows that, i think if he wants to reach out it will be when his ready. It hurts, but his gotta play the field to realize that all along you were there for him. If he returns then you will know then its certain, if he doesn't at least you have made yourself a more awesome version of yourself. I hope im making sense x

    • Yes you make sense! The thing is is that he's not even playing the field right now. No dating, sex, even talking with anyone else.

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