What the heck is going on?

About two weeks ago I kind of told off/broke things off with this guy I was dating. To be honest it was completely unwarranted. I sent an apology text a week later. He said it was fine but he was still cold, distant, and kind of avoided me. Eventually he stopped talking to me. It's been a week since we've talked, but he keeps watching all of my snaps on Snapchat. Plus, he posted a snap with his arm around this girl's neck with this stupid caption and he rarely uses snapchat but lately he's been snapping it up and a lot and with girls. What the heck?


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  • 1. You reacted impulsively in breaking up with him. Your feelings weren't strong enough or your head wasn't strong enough for you to control your actions. That is what he learned from that experience and it hurt him.

    2. If he is important to you, why would you simply send a text to apologize. This is far too important for you to apologize in such a meaningless and impersonal manner. It is no surprise that he is unimpressed with your apology.

    3. He

    • 3. He is posting pictures of himself with other girls because he wants to hurt you.

    • Thank you. So you think that he's just hurt right now?

    • He may be too hurt/frustrated/disappointed to ever come back to you but he is too hurt to forget about you at the moment.

  • He's moved on and probably won't honor the relationship


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  • stop playing games and prolonging the hurt and the silliness. just move on. you already broke up with him... obviously the relationship is not healthy

    • How am I playing games? I made a mistake and apologized. That doesn't sound like playing games.

    • why did you break up with him?