What do you consider dating?

As the title says, what do you consider "dating" or should I say exclusivity. How many dates, or how long you know each other, or even how a person acts towards you. Whats your experience and what would you say?

Personally I think 3 dates and you can pop the question of exclusivity, but I also think it comes down to how long you have known them and how you act around each other.


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  • Titles are pretty much pointless as they carry different meanings to different people. "Dating" I would assume is where you have been on a date and have future potential dates lined up.

    Exclusivity is up to the particular people and should not be assumed in dating. I wouldn't ask for exclusivity until a few dates have gone down and sex is either happened or about to happen.

    The screwed up thing is people have blurred lines, come up with all this BS about adding rules to dating that pretty much make it a relationship without requiring the work of a relationship.


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