Do you ever over analyze and read into things naturally?

I hate how this happens sometimes but let's say I start seeing a woman I like and we have a strong connection, sometimes mixed signals and not knowing where I stand can cause me to read into things and I hate it.

Ever had had the same happen to you?

there's this his one girl I started seeing recently who I like a lot, but she told me she just got out of a 5 year relationship. It made me wonder if I was a rebound, but there was no red flag aside from her telling me she's newly single.

We hit it off big time on our first date as well as our 2nd date, but there was a 3 week gap between our dates. We kept in contact through text, snapchat and Instagram but when I'd hit her up each weekend to meet up, she'd be busy and wouldn't reschedule and send me snapchats and like my Instagram posts. This gave me mixed signals.

Sometimes I'd over analyze if I sent a snap or text and she didn't respond which made me wonder if I said something to lose interest. Like if she sent a snap of her wearing a dress, I'd say you look great and then if she didn't respond I wondered if I over complimented her.

On top of that, before our 2nd date, I logged into okcupid and noticed she changed her pic. Didn't look at her profile I just saw from my messages section. Made me think I should keep my options open.

Having said that, I realized that I gotta keep this shit under control. As long as we're still in contact, I'll play it by ear and see how it goes.

If I do feel insecure and read into things, I try getting my mind off of it and working it out myself because all it does is cause stress and takes fun out of dating.


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  • I used to. I no longer care enough to do that to be honest. Also, it's sort of stressful and it makes you worry all the time. It's terribly unhealthy.

    • Yep, it sure causes a lot of stress. That's why I do other things to keep my mind occupied so I don't let it get to me.

    • But if I do feel that uncertain/insecure about certain things, I work it out myself and definitely don't say/do anything to the girl that would imply I'm in such state. I just hate how it naturally happens at times.

    • How did you overcome it?

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  • What would you do if that girl decides not to stay with you?

    • Move on of course. That's really all you can do. I've just had bad experiences with dating where the girl would flake or ghost after a date or a few despite showing interest. That's what I was referring to by not over analyzing things and not projecting things onto them.

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    • Sorry, I wanted to say:
      Are those concerns something that depends on you?

    • Well yes and no, like my concerns were the fact that she got out of a 5 year relationship recently. Other than that there's been no problem