I came on to strong with a co-worker, now what is she doing, and what should I do?

I m 22, she s 26, she's also foreign so there is a bit of a language and cultural barrier.. We both work at a restaurant together. She started showing interest in me and we started flirting. After the nights over sometimes we all eat dinner together. So at dinner the chefs and my boss started teasing and telling us that we should date. She was blushing, and I can tell she was definitely into me, she was touchy and always asking questions about me, and vice versa. Anyways that night after work and dinner I drove her home. (Gotta add, we also had a couple drinks at dinner). So my first mistake I tried holding her hand in the car. She didn't refuse but could tell she wasn't really into. And then when I dropped her off, I tried leaning in for a kiss. We didn't kiss, kinda just laughed it off then

So I definitely get I came on way to strong and I made her uncomfortable, and need to apologize for that. But now she s flirting with one of the other co-workers, acting like they are a thing. This happened the next time at work, the week after. And her first day back cause she only works weekends. Is she doing this to get to me or did I just ruin it and she's just on to the next? Maybe I deserve it for coming on to strong, but I kinda think it's jacked up shed instantly start going for the other guy at work that's our age.

So should I apologize, or just pretend nothing happened. Honestly if I didn't have to work with her I'd probly already be over it, but it's awkward at work now, and I wanna get past that, at least.


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  • Well since its awkward you need to apologise. She's probably feeling awkward too which is why she's probably making a fuss of the other guy to get you to back off as you frightened her

    • Thanks. Well I have like 5 days to figure out what to say haha. Sucks cause I wasn't even trying to take things fast I just got carried away...

    • Well just tell her that :) sure she'll understand

    • Thanks! I'll let you know what happens

What Guys Said 2

  • Gotta just let it go. She wasn't interested really, didn't have anything to do with coming on too strong or whatever. She just wanted attention, as you can see since she's now moved on to the next guy for her attention fix.

    Do not blame yourself for this one. Plenty more fish in the sea.

  • I think you should bring it up my man, just apologize for it sometimes girls get over things really fast and sometimes they dont. But if you feel the need to say sorry do it for yourself.