Did you ever have 'a moment' with your crush? If yes, do tell?

Mine's kinda awkward but it still makes me smile... I was in the bus and my crush was there. I was holding the pole and my crushes hand was too close to mine. I'd looked away and suddenly his hand was on mine. I tried to yank it away because I was slightly embarrassed but he wouldn't let go and just smiled at me.


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  • There are so many moments that makes me smile. Some of them were probably hints but I'm just a dumb fuck for not making any move. I regret that now. There was nothing to loose. Hopefully I can get another chance. (I haven't seen her since last year but we began to text recently)


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  • There are way too many moments that I have had with my crushes.


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  • why dont you just ask him out?

    • Because it was years ago.

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    • saying bad things about him and maybe he found out about it

    • Oh yeah, there's no doubt about it.

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