Meeting a person that you only talked to online?

Its long distance.. I just want advice from people that have done it ? Any good tips or yea..?


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  • It is funny you should ask, I was in the same situation myself, except on the opposite end with me being the one to fly in. It never worked out that she was ready for me to see her, not yet anyway but maybe one day.

    I think ArtistBboy covered all the real important points.

    Are you flying to meet him or is he flying in to meet you?

    All I can say is remember that while the importance of first impressions is pretty high, you don't need to freak out. Don't stress, just relax and go with the flow.

    Just keep in mind he's probably going to have some serious jet lag after a transatlantic flight and probably won't be his best until he gets some rest, so maybe think up a good (simple) place to go out to eat (because airplane food sucks) let him get some rest and then you can go from there the next day.

    Oh yeah and if he doesn't speak the language (usually anywhere but the UK unless he is multi lingual) you might want to help him find a hotel, cab etc.

    Good luck to you both.

    • Thanx for ur advice helpful.. Its me going to see him. =)

    • Oh, well in that case I hope you enjoy your time in America!

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  • - Meet in public / With a friend that you know AND trust

    - Try to look your best / wear something that flatters your whole body

    - Wear a good perfume that isn't too much, the scent will leave a memory

    - Have fun and relax, you're meeting him- you're not getting married

    - Bring some ideas to talk about or do, just incase he doesn't have any

    - Make sure to remember that you can always leave at any time without a reason.


    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Thanks =) Not bad advice... Just he is in America & I'm in Europe :-S

    • But you both are meeting in person- what's the problem?

    • :|

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  • I have done it and I think ArtistBboy covered everything. You honestly need to be careful there are creeps out there. It is hard work but when you do meet always have someone you trust with you. I am currently dating someone I met online but we live in the same state. The couple guys that were out of state they all wanted me to come see them. I was around 16 at the time and just wasn't ready for that. If you are congrats and I wish the best of luck for you :)

  • OMG! I just went through this not too long ago, about a month actually. I live in NY, he's in FL; we met online by accident two years ago, fell in love, talked an a VERY CONSISTENT basis (basically everyday but phone or text, multiple times a day since then), he came to see me, stayed for a week, spent pretty much all 7 days together, hit it off, we are more in love now than ever. We're planning on moving in together in December. He's the love of my life and was a COMPLETE gentleman. ILHIM <3

    Oh, and we're both 19

    It can happen, just believe it can. It did for me! Good Luck! =)

    • Sounds like my situation. Although me and him didn't live in the same country. We're engaged now :).