Boyfriend says we shouldn't talk for a while but then called me the next day?

We had an argument and he said we shouldn't talk for a while.
I told him I won't reach out to him again and apologized/ put the blame one myself.
Next day I just went on my merry little way. Went to hang out with friends and as soon as I put a snapchat up, he watched it. I put up about 10 stories and he watched them all.
I went home around 1am and went to sleep.
Woke up at 5am and he called me at 2am/3am three times, texted me and left a voice mail.
He said it was shitty that I wasn't answering.
Why is he doing this? He broke up with me and now he's coming back.
I'm trying to move on and he's making it hard. I keep asking him lets just end this on a good note but he's not responding.


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  • It's obvious that he wants you back, now it is your decision on whether you will take him back or not.

    Please know that he is not entitled to anything, it's your right to withdraw yourself emotionally at any time you please. He's probably hurting so either let him know not to contact you anymore, or take him back so you do not let things linger on.


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  • Hi there!
    First of all, you go, girl! I loved reading how you just made up plans with your friends when your boyfriend started to act like a child instead of staying home thinking about what you've done to get him so pissed off.
    I think he doesn't know what to do with his life. I mean, he wants to take a break and then he can't stop messaging and calling you? He doesn't appreciate what he has and I actually believe he thinks he's going to have you whenever he feels like it. In my opinion, what you're trying to do is the best option: moving on.
    Hope that helped!

    • I'm trying really hard to settle this maturely, but he's not answering now.
      He's online facebook. I called him about 7 times and left voicemails.
      I don't know if he's playing games but this hurts really bad.
      I still care for him but for my own self this isn't working by the way he's acting.
      He called me and insulted me while drunk at 3am telling me to call him, so why isn't he answering? I dont know what to do. This is taking a toll on me and I don't know what I did to deserve this.

    • You shouldn't be suffering this much over a guy that treats you so bad! If he doesn't want to answer your calls or messages, let him do whatever he wants to do. In the end, you'll be the one that moved on and behaved like an adult. He'll soon regret ignoring you, a girl that sounds so caring and loving. I really hope this situation doesn't last long, you deserve to be happy!

    • I shouldn't... I care for him but my feelings are gone.
      He broke my heart more than the last guy did.
      At least the last guy talked it out and then we said goodbye.
      This is disrespectful. You called me and say I'm shitty for not answering your call when I'm sleeping? He was drunk so he probably made the mistake and called and regret it and isn't answering, but I don't know.
      I don't know if he's scared or he thinks this is highly entertaining but I shouldn't be treated this way.
      I did so much for him. So much. This just isn't right at all. I'm glad I'll be moving at the end of the year. I dont intend on getting back with him. I just have to worry about if I have a sexually transmitted disease from him or I'm pregnant. He was my first boyfriend and sexual partner. I was very naive.. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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  • I dont think he wants it to end at all. I think he rushed into a breakup amidst the anger. You still care about him?

    • But I'm calling him many times right now.
      He's active on facebook and he's ignoring me.
      I feel very heartbroken. I'm trying to just settle this but he's not responding.
      I care but I know this isn't going to work. The way he's acting is very childish.

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    • I believe doubt is when your heart wants something but your mind tells you should want another. Wherever you are in that, I hope you find peace and happiness.

    • Thank you but there's no happiness and peace from him. This guy is a disgusting human being... He has no heart. I wasted my precious time on him and I'm ashamed.

  • Ignore him. If he starts stalking you, get a protection order. irexanna your relationship with him has been tempestuous, Way too much drama in my opinion. You don't need it.

    • Marinepilot, this isn't right.
      I dont know what I did to deserve this.
      I'm trying really hard and cooperating.
      He called and I'm replying.
      This is very childish and I'm really disappointed.
      I'll give it until 5pm. If not, I'm telling him to please not contact me, I'm very disappointed and I really thought he was better than this.

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    • @HulkkSmash unless you have something to contribute stop commenting.

  • Now he is regretting what, he had done.

    • I just saw he was online and he's not calling me back.
      This is killing me and I just want to move on.

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  • give it sometime , think what lead the break up see if it worth coming back to the relationship , list some of pros and cons.
    just remember your beautiful ! well obviously he's going to look at your snaps because he still cares about you , but why did you guys argue about?

    • Basically I didn't feel secure with him.
      I always questioned him on something and he said I was too negative. He has a tantrum and he drinks/gambles a lot. We argued because of his actions. I asked him why won't he drive to me but drive to bars or parties. He said I'm too far but he drove to a party by me. I bought him a present and he said he won't like it and doesn't want it. He jokingly insults me by saying I'm bullshit. He yells at me when we argue and blames me because I'm waking his parents up. He said I was smothering him and stressing him out because we talked too much, but we always talked like that. All he does is go to bars, so I asked him let's go to aquariums or museums. He said no those are weird. I had him meet my friend because I told her some of the things he does. She says he's ok but needs to step it up in boyfriend department. He got mad and said she's bias and cursed me out. Now he's ignoring me and won't return my phone calls.

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    • and ill reply faster

    • Okay I will.