Did I overreact to this girl flaking?

was suppose to meet up with this girl this past Saturday. we set up the date Friday night. long story short, she told me that she didn't put her baby to sleep yet and couldn't leave. so I told her that I was a little upset and could of told me during the day. all she can say was she was sorry. I told her that if she wants to di something, then she'll have to set it up.

so I told my brother and his girlfriend about what happen. showed them the text of what went down. they told me that I should of text her during the day of the date to see if she was still down. basically saying it was my fault.

were they right about this situation? should I still wait for her or apologize to her about the way I handle that?


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  • comes with the turf, dating chicks like that turns guys off single moms, dating guys like you turn single moms off dating altogether.

    • do you think it's right to apologize? she can hate me after that. I just want to apologize after that.

    • if you want another shot then yes, and do it right. remember her life is hectic, busy, boring and bang your head off the wall uninteresting. do it in the dumbest and stupidest way you can think of! she has probably heard a million apologies from guys so make yours stand out. be a man and do it big!!! show up on her doorstep with a clown nose on your knees with flowers and chocolate, write I'm a dumb dumb on your chest and rip it open while reciting Romeo and Juliet... lmao okay maybe not that extreme but be yourself exaggerated, do what you would normally do in this situation but bigger, better and brighter! if you want a single mom you need to be able to be her sunshine... so shine boy shine!

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  • In my opinion you could have reacted differently.

    She has a baby, those can be hard to deal with! Lol

    • I told her that I know situations like that can happen. at that moment, I was in a angry place of getting "stood up". I'm going to apologize to her.

    • I think that's the right thing to do :)

    • you think she'll accept it? it's been two days since it happen.

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  • This is the very reason not to date single mothers. Broken dated come with the territory with them. At your age there's no need to date them.

    • so was that a legit excuse. if so, then I want to apologize.