Waiting Time? How long?

Went in to a coffee shop last Friday and gave the barista my number before leaving. Will he text me or should i just forget it? We didn't have any convo i just thought he was cute and before i walked out the door i fave him my number on a paper. Has anyone else done this and what happened next?

he Did take the note by the way, he just was like "oh this is for me okay." and then i left, What would you think if it was you that had been given the note.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I would have pocketed the number and shown it to all my bro's then called next time I was single lol

    • But if you were single how long would it take you to contact her?

    • 3 days to a week or next payday when I had free cash to ask her out with

What Girls Said 1

  • We are not fortune-tellers. How are we supposed to know if he is going to call you or not?