Would you go for the twin of your crush, if your crush rejects you?

so i just saw that post on 9gag, where a person says they got rejected by their crush but the twin of their crush is into them so the crush now tries to couple them xD would you go for the crushs twin?

i sure would :P cause i think twins are often pretty similar character wise too and since you can´t have her, you won´t find anything better than that any time soon.

  • No! my crush is my one and only, even if the twin is super similar!
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  • yeah i´d take her. it´s the next best thing anyway.
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  • my opinion is more complicated than that.
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  • No because they have different souls.

    • yes of course! and maybe they are different after all but why not give it a chance, if they already like you and physical attraction is already given?

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    • Ok. So if things don't work out with my significant other... IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO TO TRY TO MAKE IT WORK WITH SOMEONE JJJUUUUSSSTT LIKE THEm? Thanksgiving and Christmas with the fam would be aaawweesome. Sssssuuuppeeerr Non-aaawwwwwkkwwwaaarrrddd. hiw do I sign up for such a great deal 😑

    • what do you mean your significant other? XD

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  • vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/.../latest

    If it was like Elena Gilbert style twin aka doppelgänger. Where she looked exactly alike the twin.

    Then maybe. But as someone said... the soul is different.

    • yes but who says that you can´t get to know the other soul and like that too?

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  • lol, no. They'd look alike but they're not the same person.

    • not but similar and you can´t have your crush anyway.

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    • Actually I'd need some time to deal with rejection too. I am the first one to admit that rejection ain't the end of the world and that it even has good points, but we don't forget people over night. Besides that, it could de awkward too.

    • yeah ok i totally get that. i feel the same too actually xD but i think i´d try with a twin anyway :P

  • Hahah bit confusing, I guess that could work though. If the other twin got jealous?

    Isn't there a friends episode like that!

    • you mean cause she´s only the second choice?

    • Well she looks the same, but not the same person right? So I dunno. It's like going onto a holodeck and the girl likes you there lol

    • i mean don´t get me wrong. you´re still getting to know a new person but it´s just the chances of you liking them too that i think are probably high.

  • my opinion is more complicated than that.