Did she never have any interest?

I met her on OkCupid. She's the same ethnicity as me, she's beautiful, and a very sweet girl.

I liked her profile, and she messaged me. We exchanged messages which were all jokes/funny, and then she randomly stopped replying. I then initiate another conversation, she replied and we exchanged a few more messages. She stops replying again. I know she's online, because I randomly see when she logs in.


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  • She has some interest, but not that much... She is chatting with other guys she has more interest in... Maybe she doesn't actually want to date... You never know, online dating is a terrible place to date...

    • doesn't want to date?

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    • but she says she's the romantic type :(

    • They lie a lot too lol... Don't take online dating too seriously... Try to meet girls in real life instead

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  • She found someone else who is more compatible to her. It happens.


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  • Maybe

    1. She is one of those chicks who plays games like, 'don't act too interested in a guy or he'll think he owns you.'

    2. She is working several possibilities at once.

    3. She already has a boyfriend but is chumming the waters to see what other fish may be available.

    4. You are dealing with a catfish.

    5. There are some people on dating sites who want to stay at the email stage and never move forward with a face-to-face meeting. I don't know why people are that way, but I know that some of them are that way.

  • Who know's, obviously never enough interest to keep the conversation going.. I don't know why you'd bother to keep trying after she stopped replying the first time.

    • Because we had great chemistry. Plus, she was the first one to message me, so i thought she was interested.

    • Mm.. Maybe the first time, but you would never bother to try to restart the conversation more than 2 times if she's stopped replying more than 2 times. Fact is it doesn't matter if you felt the chemistry was great or she messaged first, if she's going to stop responding is shows an instant lack of interest, she would have been interested at the start definitely, given she messaged you first.. However girls can lose interest very easily... Wouldn't bother with her.

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