After the break up with my ex. I'm single, young, but I keep on getting rejected.. Or no one ask me out?

Hey, after being in a long relationship with my ex, he broke up with me. I've been single for almost 2 months. But somhow, I've lost my dating game completely, or I'm just not attractive to anyone anymore! I can't make guys ask me out, have been rejected a few times, and I don't know what I want anymore. I feel like I wanna give up love life.. Or I wanna find someone to date again, but I can't get myself a date, and I feel like a slut, since I'm so desperate to go out and meet new people, but can't even find a date. Please tell me what's wrong with me


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  • Two WHOLE *MONTHS*? That, like, FOREVER! LOL. Now you have a TINY insight to how 80% of guys feel - except for guys, it's often years at a time.

    Anyway, the likely reason guys aren't asking you out is because you are probably putting out a vibe that either says you aren't over your ex, or that you are incredibly desperate. Neither of those are attractive.

    in my opinion, you need to take a month or three and focus on learning to have FUN as a single person again. Once you can do that, you'll have no trouble getting a guy's interest.


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  • If that's you in your avatar, I have to say that you're attractive so it has nothing to do with that. Anyway, two months are nothing at all. You should be more patient and you should learn to have fun even while you're single.


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  • If you're the girl in that pic
    Then let's date 😂
    It happens maybe cause you've been in a relationship for long so you just miss that caring and lovey dovey feelings
    It'll heal with time

    • Yes I do, I just want my heart to heal, I probably scare all the guys away with my desperate energy 😂😂😂

    • Like you said then desperateness can be the reason

  • You just miss feeling loved nothing wrong with that

    • Yes I do!! It's so difficult for me, I'm not the independent type at all!

    • We all aren't to a certain extent, go out with your friends for movies, lunch etc

  • ... I can't even right now.


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