HUGE crush on fb friend, should I send him a message, or wait for him? I think he likes me? Terrified of rejection. This is ridiculous, right?

So, I met this guy on Tinder a few months back, who I really liked and wanted to get together with. After chatting for a bit and realizing we had a lot of similar interests, we decided to text. Texted each other pretty heavily for the next few days, discussing obscure things we were both interested in. He is a reenactor, and I'm a huge history fan, so he invited me out to see his company demonstration if I was in the area. Long story short, my friend and I did end up heading out there and happened to see him. We both gave each other a glance that sort of acknowledged that we both looked familiar to each other- however (and I may be totally misreading this) he seemed to look quick and glance away really quickly, kind of in a blushing manner. I saw him a few more times, each time he seemed to be looking my way.

After that, we spoke a few more times via text sessions, never once mentioning that we had seen each other. However, he kept popping up on my suggested friends list on FB. Finally, about 2 weeks ago, I decided I'd friend him. Within 5 minutes of friending him, he had accepted the request and began liking and commenting on almost everything I'd post (no pictures, just music/articles I'd post). We would have entire (hilarious) discussions in the comments of a post. If I was interested in going to an event, he'd like that I was interested in it. I had gone back on his wall, and noticed that before we were friends, he didn't really mention any plans. Now, he was posting his every little whereabout from now until eternity. This past weekend, I didn't post much, as I was genuinely busy- but I did mention how I'd finished up my summer (in a super vagebook way) making sure to imply that I had spent it with some guy (totally unintentional, I swear) and he seemed to go silent after that.

Here's my question, I really, really like this guy and think he's absolutely awesome and funny. I would like to dm him, (or text him, but I lost his number). Should I?


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  • You should definitely send him a message if you're into him.

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