How do you tell what age someone is?

So I can't tell age Any more I look at a girl who looks like she is 12 and turns out she 18 wlike that Payton list Disney Channel girl and I see girls who are looks 18 and turns out to be like 16-17 So of corse I'm going WTF sieously even in collage there and they turn out to be 16 or 17 and the girls that our my age look like there in there 16 turn out to be 25 or 26 I'm 23 and I look like I'm 14 aparntly when I Shave my face. I'm not trying to be a perv but shit I can't tell if a girl is 21 or 16 and I'm not gonna ID every girl You really can't expect someone to do that its time consuming and insalting to to ask a women's age hell if there over 21 I'm not gonna do the online dating thing is a unatural way of getting into a relationship that match site says they have a lot of marriages well I'm sorry I take an American marrage with a grane of salt our devours rate is so high I wouldn't trust my future to a online dating site

PS I don't drink during the winter and I'd rather not pay 8 bucks for a beer I can't stand loggers


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  • As a guy, I look very young for my age. I'm 19, but I probably look like I'm about 16. However, there are still features that indicate my age. I have a bit of grey hair (yes, I know I'm sad about this too) and facial hair as well.

    But women often don't have these sorts of distinguishing features (women almost never have those distinguishing features.) I would suggest hanging out at bars (legitimate bars where you know they have carded). Yes, people can get fake IDs but more then likely they are of age.

    How they act could give you some idea. If they act really young they may be really young. Granted, older women sometimes act really young. So even that isn't foolproof.

    The way I see it, if a girl lies about her age to a guy, that's her fault not the guy's fault. It's like you said, are we supposed to start carding?

    I also suggest college. Most of the girls at college will be of legal age.

    • You would be supposed at collage I've meat more high schoolers in running start or women in. There 30 of corse it's Tacoma

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  • I guess you cannot unless you ask them


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