Guys, Does this sound like something that would happen to you in the same situation?

If sex is painful for your girlfriend, even when she's super turned on and wants to do it, would that make you lose your boner?


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  • Of course it would. Only a rapist would continue to have an erection if it was hurting the girl.

  • Yes. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable. Time to get checked out by a doctor.

    • I've been checked out and everything is fine, just have a hard time controlling the muscles.

    • Do you have pain with a dildo? If not then it's probly just being nervous. If you need lube use it. Some do , some don't. You can also practice muscle control with one.
      Or have him bring you to climax with his tongue, then put it in. It will be loose and wet for sure. :)

  • What is her reason of pain?

    • Just being sensitive and my muscles are tightened a lot of the time without me trying to.

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    • No not first time at all... :/

    • it could be fun for me then, we'll have to work it out.. but i will give her what she desires