Should I really change for my boyfriend?

Everytimey boyfriend tells me about something that someone told him, i ask him to tell me what they said, what he said afterwards because i'm jusr really curious. He told me not to be so curious anymore because it is kind of annoying for him. The thing is, i never asked him to change a thing about myself. Should i try to change for him or tell him that i am not gonna change for a guy, and he should love me just the way i am?

a thing about himself*


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What Guys Said 1

  • when u ask to much questions to the point of being annoying or ask about little details that doesn't concern u than that s something needs to change
    i dont say u must change but ask yourself am i very curious


What Girls Said 1

  • Do not change that. You shouldn't compromise every aspect about your personality because of a guy because in the end you're not even going to recognize yourself. Don't change for anyone. If you want to change for someone, do it for yourself.