Did I just ruin everything?

I'm dating this guy I met on tinder and when he asked me whether I mainly use it for hookups or something else I responded 'well I think almost everyone sees it as this hookup app'. After this he quickly switched topic.. Did I just tell him I only see him as a hookup?


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  • Tinder is a horrible place for people to find a meaningful relationship because of exactly what you said.

    If he's still talking to you, though he's definitely interested in hooking up with you now.


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  • I don't know what Tinder is. If you're already dating, is there a reason why you're still on there? Maybe he wonders why you need to keep your options open.


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  • basically yes
    in his mind talking to u means lokking for a hookup

  • That's probably what's on his mind.


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  • It kinda sounds like it. You should have said something like "I think almost everyone on here uses this for a hookup but I'm looking to see if there can be more."

    • Yea that'd have been a much better move. I just panicked because I don't know if he's just looking for a hookup or not. Don't want to come off as desperate or anything.. Shall I text him with I'm sorry for what I said?

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    • okay. let me know how it goes.

    • Well. I told him I want something more than just a hookup and when I asked him how he felt about it I got no reply. So I think it didn't go that well lol.