Is it worth to keep texting this girl?

She seems like the really busy type. I've been texting her for months now, but she seems to always be busy with studies or going abroad. These last 3 months, everytime I've texted her she's been out of the country in different areas. Knowing she's the busy type, I gauged her reaction by telling her "sooner or later we will meet". Her reply: "Probably later". I hit her up today, and it makes sense she said that as she's currently in the states (initially I thought she wasn't interested or leading me on). She seems like a decent girl, and she's always replying to me, seems genuine and I'd like to meet her but it just seems like she's always busy with stuff. Thoughts? It doesn't really bother me it's just it gets frustrating at times when I do feel like meeting her lol

Even though we haven't met, she doesn't seem like a slut (she's had 3 'relationships') in her words. We've talked about that sort of stuff already, gut feeling says it's genuine


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  • I think you should move on. If you're the only one initiating and trying to contact her, yet she doesn't do the same for you and barely has time for you, dude, I think you should set your eyes on someone else. It's clear she's got other heavier and important priorities.

    But who knows, maybe if you disappear and remain silent for awhile, this might get her attention and she may text you and try harder.

    • It doesn't bother me that she doesn't initiate because we've never met. I got her number through online dating, but I think she's supposedly one of the "good" apples of the online dating site, which is why I dont think Im guna completely right her off. She is just as well travelled as I am.. There is common ground there

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    • No way im guna travel with her lol. I have to meet her first. All Im saying is there seems to be common ground... she's always responsive. If she ignored my attempts at contacting her, then yeah I would have dropped it a long time ago

    • You know her better than I do. If she's worth it and your gut says it, then hang on to her. Who knows, maybe your patience and understanding will pay off later.

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  • Bullshit. If a bitch is into you, she will MAKE time for you.

    It's long past time to "Next!" this bitch and move on.

    • I know what you mean. Though she sounds and seems genuine. Keeps the convo going and what not. She's truly well travelled like I am though. Thing is I haven't properly asked her to meet me yet. I will, but like I said she seemed busy all this time which is why I haven't

    • No. Cease all contact. You're just wasting your time and setting yourself up for hurt.

  • This doesn't apply every time!! But it's pretty accurate when people say that if someone wants to see you, they make time. As no one is occupied 24hrs of the day. This is just truth mate. It's all about interest level. If the interest level is high, then you will be a priority but if not, youend up where you are. And where many have been.

    It sucks!! But with that said, it could also be genuine. And then it's up to you. As in if you believe this girl is worth the "later" then, you wait. Or work around her schedule as best you can. It can be done if you want to meet this badly mate.

    • She's seems worth it, she's basically well travelled like I am. Thing is I haven't properly asked her out yet cause she always seemed busy which didn't really bother me. But now that we been talking for ages, it's getting to that point.

    • Hm, well I would wait until you guys met up in person to ask her out officially. And it bothers you mate, no point in saying it doesn't, it's fair to be bothered by conflicting actions from someone that seems interested/interesting to you. As you stated above its frustrating.

      But like I said mate, if she seems worth it. Then just endure this tough time, prepare yourself for long haul, and turn that later into sooner through interesting text or video.

      Peek a girls interest through various forms of social media and you get there attention. Not saying you get the girl lol, but there attention at least, and it's the start you want.

      Good luck mate :)