Should I hold on with him or should I let go?

This guy knows I'm moving soon. We've been flirting on and off for a year now. I told myself to let him go already. But he still flirting with me. Is he serious about this or he just a flirt? Should I hold on with him or should I let go?

Things he do:
-runs into stuff while looking at me
-smiles everytime I'm around
-greets me
-asked to hang out twice (i turned him down, i have things to do)
-hint for my number
-bring me into him and his friend convos
-talks loudly when I'm around
-pokes me when he walks by
-always walks by me
-nervous everytime I talk with him
-initiate conversations with me
-goes out of his way to see me

  • Hold on with him
  • Let it go
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Most Helpful Guy

  • he might like u
    but didn't act upon it bc u have never given a hint that u like him
    so he porbably thinks u just being friendly
    thanks tat will be 2 cookies box for my analysis

    • Sooo hold on?

    • doubt that
      u are going to move on
      the train left the station
      best why is to man up and ask him

Most Helpful Girl

  • If a guy really likes you, he makes it clear he wants to be with you by actually SAYING OUT LOUD "lets date!"

    There are no mixed signals. Period. Sometimes, flirting is just that; flirting. He may like you but unless he is saying he wants to be with you, then he doesn't want to be with you. Sure people can be shy but the truth is; shy people procrastinate and fluff around with their feelings. They have zero self confidence and need constant reassurance. They can get jealous easy and shit down emotionally. And do you really want to try to make a relationship work with a person like that? Its hard! Just live your life and focus on yourself. When the right person comes along, you won't need to question ANYTHING. Trust me.

    • No it is no always so cut and dry aliwolf. Only confident guys do that. If she has not shown him that she likes him back he might not ask her.

    • He blurted out "are you married?" Scared me a little haha

    • @dim_121 show him signs too but I've stopped last week due to moving situation

What Guys Said 1

  • Let it go


What Girls Said 2

  • See how he acts around other girls, if he's like it with them too, he's just a flirt so move on.

    If however, he is only like this with you, is nice and treats you with kindness and respect and you really like him too, give it a go.

  • I'd move on...

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