Is dating always centered around the girl?

Guy asks her out
Guy picks her up
Guy pays for her meal
Guy pays for other activities
Guy leads conversation
What do girls do? Sit there and look pretty?
The guy then has to hope he's impressive enough to her, and if not you wasted your time and money! Congratulations!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • nah dude, it is a two way street. both parties have to show interest.
    in my case, girl notices guy on facebook. girl adds guy on facebook. guy waits 3 months to add back. guy writes girl a message on facebook. girl writes a message back. Girl asks guy if he wants to talk on the phone. guy gives girl the wrong number. girl gives guy her correct number. guy calls girl. girl calls guy. then girl goes and drives almost 4 hours to see guy. she picks guy up. they split the bill. girl continues to go see guy. guy pays friend to see girl. girl has to buy a plane ticket to fly overseas to leave all her friends and family to live in a foreign country where she knows no one to be with guy. girl gets pregnant twice for guy's kids. girl takes care of all the bills, finance and house and food and laundry and everything... girl reads self help books. girl helps guy with all his character flaws. girl raises kids. girl reads books on how to raise kids to be non brats! see it is not always guy blah blah blah first... it is a two way street ! you both contribute like a team


Most Helpful Guy

  • Here's your first and biggest mistake - you listened to women's advice on dating.

    Go slap yourself across the face a dozen times right now.

    Fuck! This shit pisses me off so much.

    Ok. So... Are your cheeks red and swollen yet? Good.

    Now listen very very carefully. If you want to get good at dating and interacting with women, go learn from someone who is good at dating and interacting with women. All this dating advice from romcoms and cosmo are just fantasy fan fiction by women to day dream to. That shit doesn't work, and will only make you miserable.

    Here's a hint for you to tell if you're on the right path.

    What kind of guys do women look for?

    Answer: Attractive guys.

    What is the definition of attraction?

    əˈtrakʃ (ə) n/
    the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something.
    "the timeless attraction of a good tune"
    synonyms: appeal, attractiveness, desirability, seductiveness, seduction, allure, allurement, magnetism, animal magnetism, sexual magnetism, charisma, charm, beauty, good looks, glamour, magic, spell; More
    a quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire.
    "this reform has many attractions for those on the left"
    a place which draws visitors by providing something of interest or pleasure.
    "the church is the town's main tourist attraction"

    Got it?


    Ok, fine. I'll break it down even further.

    You need to be someone that a girl finds interesting and you need to evoke her desire to know more about you. Which means that unless she is chasing you, you fucked up and you're not attractive. Stop what you're doing, and go back to step one and figure out how to be attractive.

    That's it.


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What Girls Said 7

  • Well you chose to court her. What more do you expect her to do when she never had to go out with you. You date/court her to prove to her that you are worthy of her time and want try to see where the connection would go. Either just another dead and relationship, a long/short term relationship, or marriage.

    If I date, its for marriage. I don't want any and everybody. If a person asked me out, I rather question what is their intentions if I was to date them. I don't mind hanging out. But I don't want to date a person who doesn't agree with my style of dating.

    But if I was to date this is how I would either take it or view it: Now he doesn't have to drive me anywhere. I rather get there myself. I will never place my life or hands with a stranger. I pay my own way unless I drive. That's #1. Number #2 I look at punctuality. I will be there an hour early if I must. That is how serious I would take the date. The truth is the date is about finding potential mates. It is neither about the girl or about the guy. It is both. How much chemistry you have, how well you communicate. Break the ice. It is no ones job to sit there and look pretty. When your in an interview, do you sit there and look pretty? Or are you prepared to ask any questions your perspective employers have for you to get the job? That's the same with dating. It can be fun however way you want it. You can take an hour to 5 hours. At the end of the day what are the results?

    And if the person likes the date, they will request for another. It all boils down to intentions in the end. You have to observe, evaluate, and be ready to have your questions answered. It really all depends how serious a person really is the same way how serious you are about getting that job. Overall I would like the person who asked me to be willing to play and let me know the place if food or a place that requires a fee is involved. I was thought by family that men would pay or it says a lot about his character. Even my late grandfather spoke it once. That's how it was, that is what I expect. I'll over to pay half or my part. But now it tells me he lacks responsibility to be able to pay for the amount of food he orders, for I will always make sure I have enough to pay for myself at least.

    Though I don't believe I will be able to trust him again for a 2nd date. Honest opinion.

    • Sorry meant to say: be willing to pay and let me know*

  • No, it isn't. Stop going for these types of women. Men complain about how terrible independent non traditional women are, yet they cannot stand the fact to pay for women's date. To pay for activities and lead conversations, etc.
    Many non traditional women are fine approaching men, paying for dates, arranging dates, etc. But apparently we're not "feminine" enough or "real women like the good ol days". Tisk tisk tisk.

    Make up your minds lol

    • Girls generally aren't like that, only a small minority

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    • @RedHood7 Really? because I'm independent and don't date for like over a year when I break up with my exes. Never cheated either.

    • Im not saying that's necessarily what's happening to you. Only that men tend to see these "traditional" (not as traditional as you expect once you get to know them) women is a more reliable light. This is actually why many men dont like women that are too confident. We dont know what to expect, and we usually think of the worse.

  • its centered around two people trying to decide if they want to take the new relationship further. the guy has certain responsibilities to show the best version of himself and the girl has her responsibilities.
    If both are able to best represtent those qualities, it sets the stage for a promising second date with the uptimate goal of finding love

    • Can you clarify what are the woman's responsibilities beyond, y'know, actually being an interesting person instead of a mere pretty face (not every man likes a "trophy", and every man has seen dozens of "trophies")? I feel like I know what I want in a woman, but I dont really see what women actively have to do in all of this... Can you help?

  • Yes! If the guy wants to get my panties down, he can damn well buy me a coffee and a cheese sandwich and pay my taxi fare.

  • Dating should be the last resort. Don't rush anything if you don't know the girl very well

  • For most girls "I" know it is.
    Many DO demand it.

    For me, its all about agreeable simplicity.

  • maybe at the beginning

    but girls keep the relationship going, they can put in effort to dress up to look good for you. They pay for meals sometimes, they visit you on your off days, and give you support during rough times. also lead conversations


What Guys Said 7

  • dating is essentially about two people and their social interaction. everybody who says otherwise is a fool.

    in my opinion it is much more romantic to grab some bread and wine and some stuff for on the bread and some fruits too perhaps and make a pick nick together and watch the sun set together. than to go to the movies where you sit next to a stranger for 2 hours but you are not allowed to speak to them or you are thrown out of the theater.

  • I think so. Women are the ones who actually make the decision to acvept or not a man's interest. Most of the time, that is.
    Also, lets not forget that like 70% of the conversation is about her, not you, and she might as well be there just for the food.

  • it´s what you make it xD i´ve been asked out before, i mostly just meet up with them somewhere and i always split the bill (unlike it´s not a first date and i´ve invited her).

  • Ahh I can't wait for all the lonely cat ladies to counter this

  • You're only representing a certain type of women. Personally, I wouldn't date such a woman or be in a relationship that is totally centred around one person (even if it is I).

  • Stop dating these cancerous b*tches and date a real, independent smart chick.

  • nope